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Snapchat Leads To Marijuana Arrests

Be careful what you post on social media; but you already knew that right?  Six Gainesville, Florida residents found out the hard way after the police tracked their Snapchats down to the apartment where the young adults were hanging out. Forsyth County news reported that the police were alerted about a video on the app that showed the users engaging in illegal behavior.

According to Snapchat's Law Enforcement Guide, "Snapchat can release user records on a non-emergency basis only if it receives legal process that fully complies with ECPA (Electronic Communications Privacy Act)."  Police may not be able to access your actual Snapchat's, but they can however, obtain your email, phone number, IP address and other basic information required to create an account with a subpoena, court order or search warrant.  

Snapchat can also disclose user information to police if it is believed that, "in good faith that an emergency posing a threat of death or serious physical injury to any person requires the immediate disclosure of this information."