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Social Networks Attack Ganjapreneurs

By now, we're sure you've heard or realized that many marijuana apps have been removed from the Apple App Store.  If you haven't noticed yet, some of your favorite feeds on Instagram or pages on Facebook may have been deactivated also.  Apple and Instagram have been cracking down on the cannabis community activity on social media lately.  They claim that the promotion of information and medical marijuana products is allowed however, the social promotion of cannabis is restricted. 

The App Store has gone so far as to remove social marijuana applications such as Mass Roots and Weedmaps.  They demanded that the description of these apps do not contain the words "community" or "social network."  Weedmaps had a feature on their app that rang an alarm at 4:20 everyday and unfortunately, it was considered to be a "social" feature and has since been removed.  With 23 states that have legalized, there are dramatic differences in their laws.  Apple claims that it is the responsibility obligation of the app creator to understand the conflict in all local laws.  

Apple has it out for ganjapreneurs.  While we understand that they must watch their back when they allow social marijuana apps to be available in the App Store.  However, if they're so concerned about obeying the law, they shouldn't allow people in Las Vegas to download the Uber app when Nevada courts banned the ride-sharing app.  Surprisingly, Leafly is still available in the App Store but Mass Roots is no longer but, you can find it on Google Play.  Seems as if marijuana is continuously being subject to unfair and unclear repercussions for a reason that has yet to be declared.  

Many ganjaprenuers were shocked to find out that their Instagram account had been deactivated.  Some popular accounts like @StankyyDankyy, @Medtainer and @BudSuds were removed from Instagram but brought back after their accounts were re-reviewed.  Facebook has been removing marijuana feeds as well however, ganjaprenuers tend to like Instagram more because of their ability to advertise their products more adequately and connect with the cannabis community.  Yet, these are things that Instagram does not allow.  Businesses of the cannabis community have seen much success within their companies, whether newly established or veterans to the industry, by posting content on their Instagram feeds.  Seems as if the marijuana stigma is still around despite the fact that more and more states are considering legalization.

With social networks on the lookout for pages and feeds that post anything about marijuana, you may be on the fence about what you post - as you should.  Stay away from incriminating yourself if you live in a state where marijuana is still illegal.  Posting a picture of yourself smoking in a state that has yet to legalize could wind up getting you a felony charge; be careful!  Be familiar with the terms and services of the social networks that you are a member of.  And, at the end of it all, go with your gut!  If you think before you post it, if you think it might not be appropriate, don't post it!  You may not have an account afterwords!