Starbucks Wins Lawsuit Over Glass Frappuccino Bongs/Rigs

We've all seen replicas of some of our favorite brands recreated into marijuana related products.  Companies like McDonalds, Louis Vuitton, and Starbucks have all had their logos, designs, patterns, etc. replicated to resemble something related to cannabis.  A popular item that has circulated the cannabis community is the "Dabuccino" line of bongs and rigs most frequently distributed by Hitman Glass.

The mouthpiece looks like a Starbucks straw, the bong is shaped like a Starbucks cup and even has a very similar logo to the coffee connoisseur on the side of it.  It could be argued that the logo is slightly different, with the halo around the mermaid's head being made of marijuana leaves however, Starbucks is not amused, to say the least.  

In June, Starbucks filed a lawsuit against artist James Landgraf as well as the online store, Hitman Glass, claiming that they stole their intellectual property.  Starbucks is livid that Landgraf and Hitman stole their trademarked branding, stating they, "willfully intended to create an association with the Starbucks marks and to capitalize on the success and popularity of the Starbucks Marks to sell [their] products.”  They also claim the glass has, “caused and will continue to cause irreparable injury and damage to Starbucks Corp.’s business, reputation, and goodwill.”

Unfortunately for Landgraf and Hitman, U.S. District Judge Otis D. Wright ruled in favor of Starbucks due to the fact that Landgraf did not appear in court to state his case.  It has been ruled that Landgraf pay Starbucks $410,580 in damages.

Starbucks is content with the judges decision.  “Starbucks has made significant investments to develop our brand and intellectual property over the past 45 years. We have an obligation to protect our intellectual property from infringement in order to retain our exclusive rights to it," the franchise stated.