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Synthetic Weed Hospitalizes High School Students

Two students who attend Sulphur High School in Louisiana were hospitalized last Thursday after smoking synthetic weed.  The students admitted to smoking a substance believed to be synthetic marijuana said Kirby Smith, Public Information Officer for the Calcasieu Parish School Board.  They were taken to the hospital around midday.

As a result of their behavior, the school will be a mandatory school-level investigation and conference between the parents, student and administration.  The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office is investigating the incident which is being taken very seriously.  The use, possession or distribution of drugs is a Level 4 infraction in the school board's student code of conduct.

Synthetic marijuana has been in Louisiana news a lot recently.  Four inmates at the East Feliciana Parish Prison were hospitalized after overdosing on synthetic marijuana last Wednesday.  Four students from Oak Park Middle were also hospitalized after smoking synthetic marijuana back in August.

Stay away from synthetic weed!