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Synthetic Weed Hospitalizes New Yorkers

NBC New York reported that over a dozen people have been hospitalized recently after using "K2" or "Spice," a synthetic form of marijuana.  Patients visited the ER experiencing "severe adverse reactions" after smoking the synthetic cannabinoids.  

Health Commissioner Mary Bassett stated, “I urge people not to use these products, which have caused a huge spike in emergency room visits this year.  K2, Spice, Green Giant – no matter what you call it, synthetic cannabinoids are dangerous and illegal.”  Synthetic marijuana products were sold in stores labeled as incense or potpurri earlier this decade but have since been banned due to the rise in health risks and hospital admissions.  

We do not recommend any of our herbalists smoke any synthetic form of cannabis.  Marijuana is a natural plant that should only be consumed in an organic, healthy form.  Stay away from fake weed!