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Tampa Grow House Raided

Deputies arrested a Tampa man on Tuesday after finding over 200 marijuana plants on his property. Tampa police conducted a search with a warrant at 2506 Mabry St. where they discovered plants and growing equipment. 


Reinaldo Arrastia, 46, owned and operated a facility containing 204 cannabis plants. Two rooms of the location were dedicated to growing the plants with equipment like several high-sodium vapor lights, ballasts, fans and a 9 mm handgun. The Sheriff's Department claims the plants weighed nearly 213 pounds, totaling at $320,000 street value. 

The location was targeted after the Tampa Electric Company discovered an illegal power connection, allowing Arrastia to steal an estimated $8,000 in electricity. Reinaldo was arrested and charged with armed trafficking in marijuana, cultivation of marijuana and grand theft.  He was held without bail at the Hillsborough County jail.