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Tennessee Pushing Towards Legalization

On Sunday night, supporters of marijuana reform gathered to prepare for Tennessee's legislative session. According to the Tennessee Cannabis Coalition, approximately 76 percent of residents support legalizing medical cannabis. The group intends on further spreading awareness about the success of other states' MMJ laws and policies. 


The state has yet to have introduced an initiative for medical marijuana but it has constructed a CBD-only law. Currently, Tennessee has some of the harshest criminal marijuana possession laws in the country. While most states have decriminalized cannabis, in Tennessee, marijuana possession can lead to up to one year in jail and anywhere from $250-$2,500 in fines. 

Tennessee Cannabis Coalition founder Cecily Friday Shamim says it is possible for the state to have similar results to Colorado if they happen to legalize. “We’re seeing a reduction in vehicle fatalities, we’re seeing a reduction in violent crime, you know we’re seeing a lot of positive things coming out of legal states,” she told ABC News WKRN.