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Texas Bill To Pass CBD Oil

The Texas legislature has received a bill to legalize CBD oil to treat epileptic cases that cannot be treated with other medications.  State Senator Kevin Eltife and Representative Stephanie Klick filed the Texas Compassionate Use Act to make medical marijuana a treatment option for people with intractable epilepsy.

Texarkana attorney John Delk says he is in favor of the proposed legislation.  "If a doctor thinks it's appropriate and professionals are supervising the use then I have no problem with it," he says.  Dean Bortell's 9-year old daughter Alexis is battling intractable epilepsy, in which an estimated 149,000 people in Texas suffer from.  Patients can suffer up to hundreds of seizures a week, making them at risk for a shortened life span, excessive bodily injury, mental health impairment, and social disability.

If the bill passes, it would require that only those who specialize in epilepsy or neurology will be given authority to prescribe cannabis oil to patients.  Alexis is a patient who urgently needs CBD oil to treat her epilepsy.  "It was terrible. Her seizures went from mainly at night to around the clock," her father said.  Alexis describes her seizures, saying, "I kinda black out, and sometimes I start chomping and shaking."  She feels it would be amazing if CBD oil became legal in Texas.