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Texas Church Kicks Marijuana Users Out!

The pastor of the Beaumont Seventh Day Adventist Church in Beaumont, Texas has made his opposition to marijuana use very clear.  After former church member, Faith Boodle, was seen advocating for medical marijuana use on 12News, her fellow members grew concerned.  

Bodle attended the arraignment of Jeremy Bourque, who is facing trial on marijuana charges, in support of legalization and the medical use of cannabis.  Soon after, her pastor wrote her a letter insisting that she stop using and promoting marijuana.  Six weeks after the letter, the congregation decided to revoke her membership.

"It's about bringing relief from pain and suffering and that's what's Jesus wants he doesn't want to see his children suffer and that's why he created this awesome plant," Bodle stated about cannabis.   She uses a cannabis extract to treat her congestive heart failure and arthritis.  Bodle's son, Jason Falconbridge, sided with his mother by saying, “she takes the extract for medicinal and not recreational purposes.”  He also added that the doctor believes, “she has benefited from taking this supplement and it has improved her quality of life.”