The Many Ways Cannabis Changes The Local Societies In The U.S.A.

As many states are choosing to change their legal framework making it more cannabis friendly, there is a lot of consequences not only on a financial level, but also to the social aspects of the new changes happening due to more flexible laws concerning Cannabis.


-    Less Criminality - Less Problems:

The fact that a big area of activities comes out from the darkness of illegality to the light of legality, means that all those who were consumers of cannabis, are no longer considered outlaws. As a consequence that means less people have to be locked in prisons just because they were caught smoking a joint, or possessing some quantity of cannabis for their personal use. Beyond numbers and statistic,s less criminality means a lot in a social and human level. Less personal dramatic stories for people and families getting stigmatized for minor cannabis possession.


-     Taxes Build Hospitals And Support The Social Infrastructures

Now that a legal conditions has changed, a huge legal market with many different niches has started to grow producing economic value. All of these new areas of business are taxed by the local governments. The experiment shows that the numbers are growing not only in the states where only the medical use is accepted but even more, in those states where the recreational use is legal for adults. The taxes collected are helping the local authorities to support social sectors like health and education and also to fund the building of roads. There is always a need for money in times of recession, especially in areas where people were neglected for many years because the states couldn't afford to help them.


-    More Tourists And More Business In General

One of the most interesting phenomenons is the touristic growth in the states where recreational use has been legalized. Hordes of people are arriving, most of them cannabis newbies, wanting to try and taste the recently forbidden “fruit” of cannabis. There is a whole business sector profiting from this new area of touristic market. But it is not only cannabis tourism that is blooming. Additionally, a lot new niches appear (like cannabis edibles, laboratories, concentrates, dispensaries, and other medical cannabis products and companies). All of those new entrepreneurs keep the economy moving and create value and money.


-    More Cannabis - More Jobs

The new markets that are created need more human resources in order to keep all those new companies moving. That means more work positions of course. The unemployment rates fall in the states who chose to adapt to more flexible policies concerning cannabis. Also, new jobs appear such as budtenders, cannabis sommeliers, consultants, and specialists of all kinds). The legal cannabis market is expanding and the new companies demand experts to make the business grow even more.



-    More Medical Cannabis - Less Painkillers.

Last years the scientific research has proven the huge potential and the many applications of medical cannabis, these therapeutic products are gaining day by day more acceptance among  patients suffering from several conditions. There are many examples and the health benefits list is long. One of the most important is the fact that cannabis cures pain. For many years, patients were suffering not only from a variety of painful health conditions but also from the painkiller epidemic now seem to have found a more effective alternative. It is not a secret that the addiction and the side effects from the opioids painkillers. Many of these drugs have cost many human lives and created many health problems themselves. Now even athletes are considering using cannabis instead of taking pills for their pain. Although it cannot be said that cannabis is the solution to all problems, science gives an optimistic view for the future of medical cannabis.



-    Cannabis Means Fun (of course)

I mean, the medical uses of the plant are of a great importance, but cannabis is also fun. For all those people that they were stigmatized because of cannabis, it's very important to be able to enjoy their freedom again. At least in the states that legalized the adult use of marijuana. As cannabis is less dangerous than alcohol it might be a good reason to drink less and consume more.



Nicolas HackmanCompany/Business Unknown