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TX Man Facing Life In Prison For Edibles

Jacob Lavoro, 19-year-old from Round Rock, Texas, is facing anywhere from five years to life for distributing brownies that contained marijuana.  The maximum penalty is under consideration because the products also contained hash oil.  

Lavoro was arrested in April because a neighbor called the police complaining of a marijuana smell coming from the apartment complex.  With Lavoro's permission, police searched his home and found packaged brownies and hash oil for sale along with $1,600 presumably from the list of his clientele.  The teen is scared for his life, admitting, "It's really frightening, it really is. It's putting me in a really scary situation and honestly, I can't stop crying about it,"

Although Lavoro is going through this trying time, he has a lot of people on his side.  Petitions have been created to sway the public opinion and hopefully lessen the sentence for the teenager who improperly entered the medical marijuana industry.  If you want to support Lavoro, head to and sign the "DA Jana Duty: Stop a life sentence for pot brownies" petition or search the Facebook page "Justice for Jacob Lavoro" and hit like!