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"Uber For Weed" Under Attack By LA Attorney

City Attorney Mike Feuer announced on Tuesday that he intends to crack down on the mobile application Nestdrop, also known as "Uber For Weed," which essentially delivers medical marijuana your home.  The app started as an alcohol-delivery app but has began offering medical marijuana as well last month.  

Unfortunately, "Uber for Weed" is in violation of Measure D, the city's medical marijuana initiative.  The measure limits delivery of medical cannabis to primary caregivers of MMJ patients.  "There is no lawful delivery service under Prop. D," Feuer said. "We're hoping that a court agrees with us."

Back in October, co-founder Michael Pycher claimed that the app is legal because Nestdrop does not actually deliver marijuana.  The purpose of the app is to connect MMJ patients to dispensaries that will make deliveries in their area.  For providing that connection, Nestdrop takes a percentage of the sale.  

Pycher said, "Nestdrop is the technology platform that connects law abiding medical marijuana patients with local dispensaries to receive the medication that they need in a safe and secure manner."

As long as a select few dispensaries at least 1,000 feet away from schools, and 600 feet away from parks, libraries and child care facilities,  they are allowed to deliver to medical marijuana patients under Measure D.  However, Attorney Mike Feuer's lawsuit alleges that Nestdrop undermines the regulation.