UK Company Creates Cannabis Treatment For Dogs

Over the past few years, we have become enlightened to the medicinal magic of cannabis and hemp.  A British hemp company has recently launched a product for dogs that claims to soothe stressed pets and help relieve conditions like arthritis.

Love Hemp is now the producers and distributors of ‘Canine-Abis’, a cannabinoid (CBD) extract oil for cats and dogs.  Dr Robert Silver, vet and author of the book ‘Medical Marijuana and Your Pet’, is an advocate for the product, stating, "In my experience, for those dogs with uncomplicated epilepsy, the hemp extract will often work better than pharmaceuticals. I also have several oncologists in a study group with the extract and they have found that CBD can help to stop the seizures and twitches that can come with brain tumors."

The product was birthed after the company received many requests from pet owners looking for a cheaper and natural alternative to traditional recommended veterinary treatments. Being that CBD has no psychoactive effects, Dr. Silver claims the oil will soothe the animal and curb anxiety emotions.

Tom Rowland, co-founder of Love Hemp says, "Our pet product is proving extremely popular and we are now in talks with several retailers who are interested in stocking it."