U.K. Man Facing Jail Time In Dubai For Smoking BEFORE Flight

Connor Clements says his life has become a "living nightmare" after he has been accused of smoking cannabis in Dubai.

Clements claims that marijuana was found in his system because he "took it" before his flight to the United Arab Emirates.  The 24 year old traveled to Dubai to turn his life around and was granted a job as a waiter. His employer, however, sent Clements for a medical exam and that was when the cannabis was discovered in his system.

 "They are saying I smoked it here," Clements attests. "But I did [it] back home, they have got no proof... I used to smoke a lot back home. I came here to stop everything. It was a chance for me to change my life. But it’s been nothing but a nightmare.

After less than a minute in court, Connor was given two years in prison. He spent a few weeks locked up before he was able to be bailed. "It was a living nightmare. They put me in a room with 25 people, I was sleeping on the floor. I didn't know what to do. I can't speak Arabic. No-one spoke English. It was outrageous. I don't want to go back in prison." His next hearing is just days before Christmas.

More than 200 UK citizens have been detained in the UAE in 2017. A Foreign Office spokesperson stated, "Our staff in the UAE are assisting a British man following his detention in Dubai. We have visited him on several occasions, made calls to the prosecutor's office to get updates on his case, and are in regular contact with his family."