UK Stops Busting Growers

While the Drug War continues in America, northeast England has pulled back on their war on cannabis.  Reports have stated that police have been more likely to target street dealers involved in large-scale black market operations.  The coast is pretty much clear for small time growers in the UK.

County Durham crime commissioner Ron Hogg recently approved a series of guidelines stating that police resources will no longer be used to focus on low-scale marijuana cultivators.  Hogg told the Telegraph, "In these cases, the most likely way of dealing with them would be with a caution and by taking the plants away and disposing of them. It is unlikely that a case like that would be brought before a court.”  Instead, UK police will be targeting organized crime, dope dealers and street gangs.

Marijuana cultivation is still considered a serious offense in the eyes of Crown Prosecution Services with a sentence of up to 14 years in prison.  However, unless there is a complaint or a “blatant” disregard for the law, Hogg said his officers will no longer be going after small time growers.  Ron Hogg also told the Northern Echo that while marijuana is still illegal and the consumption of it is still a crime but, if found smoking or in possession, you will be given the opportunity to not re-offend.

All in all, Commissioner Hogg feels, “Legal or illegal makes no difference—it can be detrimental to health just like alcohol.”  As for now, resident herbalists will have to settle for this form of decriminalization because the U.K. government is not in discussion to legalize cannabis anytime soon.  Without proof that cannabis is not detrimental to your health, Hogg will not be in support of legalization.