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University Of Arizona Fires Medical Marijuana Research Doctor

We were recently informed about some disturbing news out of Arizona that affects herbalists, medical marijuana patients and the marijuana industry as a whole.  The only doctor in the United States who was given federal permission to conduct research on how medical marijuana can help veterans was fired from the University of Arizona with no explanation.  We could assume that the campus did not agree with allowing Doctor Suzanne Sisley to conduct her studies on their campus.

Ricardo Pereyda, a former student of Dr. Sisley and alumni of the University of Arizona, started a petition on to reinstate the doctor's employment.  He says, "I'm outraged that the University of Arizona is putting politics over the care of our nation's veterans, and I'm fighting back."  Pereyda has suffered from PTSD after touring in Iraq and has struggled finding a medication that will cure his condition, until using medical marijuana.  

Pereyda advocates that this petition is not jus to get Dr. Sisley's job back - it could be a matter of life and death for many war veterans.  Medical marijuana offers a promising avenue for treatment and Dr. Sisley's study would play a major role in proving that fact.  "Our veterans risk their lives overseas.  The least we can do for them is provide them with the best care possible when they come home," Pereyda states.  

On the bright side, petitions really do justice when regarding unfair teacher firings.  This year, two teachers have gotten their jobs back after their petitions received thousands of signatures. Sign Ricardo's petition at to get Dr. Sisley back to researching medical marijuana!