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UPDATE: Caviar Gold Confusion

The Higher Content was recently contacted by attorney Arthur Hodge who represented the REAL Caviar Gold in court.  As you may know, the Caviar Gold brand name has been tarnished in the cannabis community.  After two former reps of the company misused the company name to sell false Cavi Cones and products under the Caviar Gold name, they then tried to change the company name to "Caviare Gold" (with an "e") and also distribute under the name "Crown Herb." It has since been court verified that Chris Michael Swanson and Devon Tyler Shigiki are the impostors and "Crown Herb/Caviare Gold" is the fake!

On July 10, 2015, it was documented that Swanson and Shigiki were properly served.  Neither defendant appeared in court or answered the complaint which led to a judge in the San Bernardino Superior Court to rule in favor of Michael A. Brunson, owner of the REAL Caviar Gold. The impostors have been ordered to pay back nearly $21K in damages and costs as well as cease and desist from operating under the Caviar Gold social media accounts.  

Congratulations to Michael Brunson for his victory in claiming his brand and best of luck towards rebuilding your reputation.  Thank you Arthur Hodge for informing us and clearing up the Caviar Gold Confusion.