UPDATE: TX Teen Pot Brownie Charges Dropped

Jacob Lavoro, the 19 year-old Texan charged with a possible life sentence for making and selling pot brownies, had his charges of facing life in prison dropped in a Round Rock court room.  He was charged with having nearly one and a half pounds of drugs with the intent to sell which is a first-degree felony, equaling 10 years to life in prison in Texas.

After a neighbor complained of smoke coming from the teens apartment that was making her sick, Lavoro was arrested for possession and trafficking.  The teen still faces second degree felony charges for having drugs in his apartment, which could mean two to 20 years in prison or probation.  A step down from a life sentence, the teen still faces some serious penalties for his illegal baking.  He says, "I’m 19-years-old, and I still have my whole life ahead of me. Take that into account, and I can do more good than evil.”