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US Bans Feds From Interfering With MMJ

No more harassment or arresting of medical marijuana patients!  No more raids at medical marijuana dispensaries!

That's right!  The US House passed the Rorhabacher-Farr Amendment, which basically states that the US Department of Justice is banned to spending any taxpaying dollar towards interfering with businesses and people abiding by medical marijuana laws in 22 states and D.C. The bill also includes US Attorney's Offices as well, which bans seizure threats from landlords who rent to medical marijuana dispensaries.

Although the House voted 219-189, the bill is still not in effect yet.  It still must be heard by the Senate and from there, will then be passed on to the President, when it will finally become a law.  (You learned this shit it school, remember?)  So.. although it is a step in the right direction, it's not final yet!

The Marijuana Policy Project had a major influence on the decision of the US House.  Representative of MPP, Dan Rifle stated, “It is refreshing to see conservatives in Congress sticking to their conservative principles when it comes to marijuana policy. Republicans increasingly recognize that marijuana prohibition is a failed Big Government program that infringes on states’ rights.”