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Utah Liquor Stores To Add Cannabis Oil To Inventory

A Utah lawmaker proposed to add cannabis oil to liquor store shelves in order to protect parents of epileptic children in Utah from federal prosecution.  Senator Steve Urquhart co-sponsored the measure saying that the state has made substantial progress  decriminalizing the possession of cannabis oil but he is concerned that the law does not provide these people with protection against federal prosecution.

The law gives parents the legal right to possess and transport cannabis oil however, without a local source for obtaining this medicine, many parents are traveling into close by Colorado to stock up on CBD extract.  "We're trying to look for ways to help these parents out. We realize this is a really rough situation they're in and a really rough situation for their kids," Urquhart told The Denver Post.  "Obviously, if they can get it, but get it in the state with the state's blessing, then that's probably easier than having them have to travel."

Urquhart believes selling cannabis oil in local liquor stores could provide a sensible solution for both the liquor stores and those who need.  Although he is trying his hardest to make the medicine readily available to patients, he hopes further legislation is not necessary for CBD extract availability.