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Utah Mother Fighting For MMJ

A Mormon mother who suffers from a rare genetic disorder is stepping up to become a voice for legalizing cannabis in the state of Utah.  Like many others, Enedina Stanger was forced to move to Colorado where she can more easily access medical marijuana to help combat her joint dislocations caused by devastating spasms.  However, she and her family returned to her home state to deal with charges stemming from her October arrest for using marijuana in a public parking lot in her car.

Stanger says that Utahans fear being judged if and when others find out that they use cannabis.  While two-thirds of state residents identify as members of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, those who consider themselves religious are expected to stay away from drugs and alcohol. Enedina Stanger is advocating for Senator Mark Madsen's plan, saying, "This isn't a sin.  This isn't a moral thing.  God put it on this earth.  If you believe in God, you believe he created everything for a purpose, and the purpose for this little plant is medicine."

Connor Boyack, President of a libertarian group Liberatas Institute, agrees that Utah needs a medical marijuana program.  "She's a young, caring mother.  Faithful Mormon.  Her father is a retired FBI agent, and she has great respect for the law.  And yet cannabis is literally the only thing that helps her," Boyack said. Representative Brad Daw, on the other hand, feels as if cannabis oil should be able to be made in the state, but should also take a careful approach.  He feels as if the law should not be based on the unfortunate condition of one person, although he does claim to have sympathy for Stanger.

The Utah Medical Association and Utah Academy of Family Physicians have both stated that there is not enough evidence to show that marijuana can safely be used for treatment.