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Volunteer Sobriety Checks In Washington

Are you brave enough to submit a saliva or blood sample to prove you're not driving while impaired?  For those Washington state residents that are driving sober, this may not be a problem.  However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been funding state authorities in select cities to bribe drivers with cash for offering samples at a roadside check point.

The Pacific Research Institute and Evaluation has been participating in persuading drivers to partake in this extremely bizarre survey.  I mean, if you're not displaying signs of intoxicated driving, why should you be questioned to prove that you're sober!?  Motorists are bribed with $10 for providing saliva samples and $50 for submitting a vile of their blood.

Washington state, be careful if you choose to participate in this survey.  It is a known fact that marijuana can stay in ones system long after the effects have worn off.  Therefore, you may make a quick few bucks but if you've smoked recently, you're pay day could lead to an arrest, loss of your license or ridiculously high fines.