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Washington Hash Oil Warehouse Raided

A Seattle based TV station, KIRO-TV, reported a story about a police raid at warehouse which housed a massive grow and hash-oil extraction operation.  The warehouse was owned by Puyallup's deputy mayor, John Hopkins.  Supposedly, Hopkins had applied for a state license to process marijuana legally however, it was denied.  Despite the fact, the operation began.

Puyallup police told reporters that the operation was extremely dangerous.  With the amount of propane tanks that were found at that location, a mistake could have destroyed many surrounding blocks.  Neighbors had no idea that such an explosive danger was in such close proximity to their homes.  Captain Scott Engle of the Puyallup police department told KIRO 7, “the potential for an explosion and in a large commercial building like this, a large commercial operation they have going here, the potential for explosion is great.”