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Washington Passes Open Container Law

Early last week, Governor Jay Inslee signed House Bill 1276,which makes it illegal for unwrapped marijuana products to be carried in the cockpit of a motor vehicle.  State residents will soon have to be extra cautious when they transport their cannabis throughout the state of Washington.

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission pushed for the new law which states that things such as joints, open baggies of raw cannabis, or partially eaten medibles from being transported in the driver’s side or passenger’s seat.  Items like these will be required to be be stowed in either the trunk of a vehicle or, in the case of a SUV or mini-van, behind the seat furthest from vehicles operating controls.  The law was created to be similar to the states drinking and driving laws, in which they do not allow open containers to be in any vehicle.  

Initiative 502 created a legal THC limit for drivers to operate a motor vehicle however, it failed to prevent drivers from getting high while behind the wheel.  State Representative Brad Klippert sponsored the bill in hopes that the law will deter people from high driving.