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Washington Post On Marijuana

The Washington Post editorial board has recently stated that they are uncomfortable with "the rush to legalize marijuana."  The Post insists on voting against Initiative 71, which would allow possession of up to two ounces and permit residents to grow up to six plants.  Things seemed to be looking up for herbalists in DC since the enactment of decriminalization earlier this year but now, maybe not so much.

The Washington Post editorial writers are wrong, according to Adam Eidinger, who led the effort to put the measure on the ballot.  Not only are they wrong on the values of the issue, but Post also refused to sit down with facts and opinions for a meeting to hear their case before making a decision.  He says that when he reached out to set up a meeting with the board, he was told by one writer that, “we’ve already made up our mind” and there’s “no way you can convince us” to support the initiative.  Eidinger spoke with via a phone interview and said he was shocked the Post editorial cited the “gateway theory” that’s been widely refuted by scientific studies.  

In an email to, The Post editorial page head Fred Hiatt said, “We take positions based on what we think will make the best public policy, based on the best evidence available … We don’t regard editorial-writing as a popularity contest.” Ironically, the Washington Post's opposing views on legalization contrasts with the majority of voters in the District and in the nation.  Not only that, but the Post also disagrees with other editorial boards, like the New York Times, that agree with ending cannabis prohibition.

When things start to look promising for the cannabis community, they always seem to have a halt to them.  Let's hope that with pressure and education, the Washington Post will change their minds when it comes to legalization.