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Weed Arrests Rising In NY

Mayor de Blasio claimed that he would order the NYPD to stop arresting people for low-level marijuana arrests when he was running for office last year.  Since then, the Marijuana Arrest Research Project found that low-level cannabis arrests have increased between March and August of this year as compared to the same time frame under Mayor Bloomberg.

These arrests limit one's ability to qualify for student financial aid, and undermine one's ability to stable housing and good jobs," the Public Advocate's campaign literature states.  Not only that, but there is a clear racial bias when it comes to arresting those for low-level marijuana crimes.  The rate of African American and Latino New Yorkers being arrested for marijuana-related offenses is much higher than white New Yorkers.  Shockingly, these races use marijuana around a similar rate.

East Harlem holds the highest amount of arrests, reporting around 1,128 per 100,000.  Although the raise in the amount of arrests was only by 3%, it is unsettling with the cannabis community of New York who believed de Blasio when he addressed these arrests as a top priority during his campaign.