Weed World Candies Truck Catches Fire On Bridge

A truck consisting of cannabis edibles caught fire Sunday evening in Delaware.  The Weed World Candies truck was en route to Philadelphia when it went up in flames, causing smoke that could be seen for miles.

The truck caught fire on the Delaware Memorial Bridge.  All five people in the truck safely evacuated however, all of the edibles inside the truck were destroyed.  Firefighters were able to get the fire under control however, traffic was a nightmare on the bridge for hours after.

The company, which is a cannabis legalization advocacy group, travels to many cities across the country with their extremely noticeable trucks.  Don't be fooled, however.  Weed World Candies are not made with extracted THC, the element of the cannabis plant that gets you high.  These lollipops are made with hemp, which does absolutely nothing if you're looking to feel high after eating.  Not only are the cheap, they are legal to sell on the streets because of the fact that they are made with hemp and not THC.  An uneducated person may be fooled into thinking they found the edibles "plug," but unfortunately, these candies are the most unsatisfying edibles you will ever come across.  They don't get you high, which makes them undeserving of the title as a cannabis edible and they taste absolutely horrible!

Our experience with Weed World Candies was not pleasant.  The operator of the truck we came across in Brooklyn, NY was not friendly and offered no information about the product other than the flavors they had and how much they cost. They had no interest in networking as we introduced ourselves as The Higher Content™ and offered no response to our attempt to converse.  And most importantly, they would not tell us how it was possible that they could set up shop on a random street corner in Brooklyn - which would ultimately give up their secret that their products don't include weed like their company name indicates.  We have just one question for Weed World Candies... how can you claim to be a cannabis legalization advocacy group when you don't do anything but sell fake weed lollipops across the country?