White House Fesses Up To Racist Marijuana Prohibition

It is has been long said that the war on drugs tends to target minorities in America.  Finally, black and hispanic Americans receive the acknowledgement that has for a long time been denied by the government.  The White House has reported that there has been racial inequality within the efforts towards marijuana prohibition.

The report stated, and most African Americans can agree, “A black individual is nearly four times as likely as a white individual to be arrested for marijuana possession, even though black and white individuals reported using marijuana at similar rates.”  The report also says the money funded to house these targeted minorities can be better spent on programs to shape those individuals into more productive members of society, as opposed to treating them as a menace.  “The annual cost of incarceration for a single juvenile is over $100,000— almost twice as high as tuition, room and board, and fees at the most expensive college in the country and nearly 100 times as expensive as a year of intensive mentoring.”

This statement comes during the week that President Obama makes a momentous action of granting non-violent drug offenders clemency.  These are both very positive steps towards realizing that marijuana is not a harmful drug and should be nationally legalized.