Will California Legalize Recreational Marijuana?

This November, Californians will finally be able to vote to legalize recreational cannabis in the Golden State. California was the first state in the country to legalize medical cannabis and is now looking to expand their marijuana market by allowing adults to consume it recreationally. 

The Adult Use of Marijuana Act, now called Proposition 64, aims to end marijuana prohibition in California. The measure will allow adults, age 21+, to possess and consume marijuana legally. Campaign manager, Brian Brokaw, stated in an email, "We are Prop 64 and we need your help now more than ever to make sure that we can reach out to California voters with everything we've got and get the votes needed to fix our broken system."


The passing of Prop 64 would not only allow non-medical adult consumption, but it will also help raise up to $1 billion in new tax revenues. Such revenues will be divided and distributed to aid teen drug prevention and treatment, as well as support economic development in communities affected by marijuana prohibition.

This November, California voters need to head to the polls in support of Prop 64. "There's no excuse to be sitting on the sidelines while our environments get destroyed, communities are unfairly impacted, and kids aren't protected from drugs."