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Will Gov. Cuomo Sign The Emergency MMJ Bill?

The New York State legislature approved the emergency medical marijuana bill, but will Governor Cuomo?  The measure will allow certain patients to receive medical marijuana before the state’s program begins in 2016.  This is a step in the right direction being that since the Compassionate Care Act legalize medical marijuana in 2014, not one patient has received medical cannabis and at least four people have died before they had a chance to give the medicine a try.  Now, the bill is on the desk of Gov. Cuomo, who is known to have a disdain for medical marijuana.

Spokesman for the Cuomo Administration, Rich Azzopardi, stated, “Our top priority has always been to deliver relief to those in pain.  We will review the legislation in the context of implementing the Compassionate Care Act and complying with existing federal statutes.”  Though the statement sounds promising, State Senator and Compassionate Care Act sponsor, Diane Savino, is very aware of the governor's true opinions about medical marijuana.  Regardless, Cuomo ended up ripping the new program to shreds but he eventually signed the matter.

Senator Savino still has her concerns that the program will undermine the big picture, which could in turn create some unnecessary chaos that will most likely lead to prolonging the launch of the full program.  If Cuomo signs the bill immediately, patients will still have to wait for the Department of Health to establish regulations, and for their physicians to complete the Department of Health’s medical marijuana training program before receiving a recommendation.  Since nothing has been set in stone, no doctors in the state of New York have been given the privilege to prescribe medical cannabis.