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710 Cake Pops



The best and only cake pops in the cannabis industry are 710 Cake Pops!  The company was born a little over a year ago, making quality homemade cake pops from scratch.  This cannabis baking company is based out of central California and delivers to medical marijuana patients with various ailments.  710 Cake Pops makes medicating unique, delicious and enjoyable while also relieving pain and stress.

Each 710 Cake Pop is made from scratch with original recipes that include organic ingredients that they find locally in California.  Patients have claimed that 710 Cake Pops cause "single bite knock outs" because of their potency.  Not only does eating a cake pop relax your body because the ingredients include concentrated cannabis, they also give you a euphoric high.  With a delicious selection of flavors of cake and icing, every 710 Cake Pop is decorated with mouth watering edible toppings that leave you craving more!  Be careful though, these cake pops DO have concentrated cannabis in them -- overindulging in 710 Cake Pops could exceed your cannabis tolerance and lead you to have an unpleasant edible experience.

710 Cake Pops has been known to help with ailments such as insomnia, PTSD and even pain relief for skeletal problems.  Suffering from nerve pain?  Trying to find an alternative to opiates?  Do you frequently get anxious?  710 Cake Pops aid all of these conditions, and more!  The California company serves a wide range of patients, selling their irresistible canna-cakes for  $15 a pop.  Browse their menu on their website or contact them to inquire about custom orders.  If you're looking to try a dessert edible that contains cannabis concentrates, 710 Cake Pops is the way to go, hands down!  Place your order today!

Please eat responsibly.