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Babylon Bewear



Every herbalist has gone through the struggle of trying to clean their glass and not being able to get every inch of it crystal clean.  Well, you'll no longer have that problem with Babylon Bewear dual-sided magnetic magnetic, chemical free bong cleaners!  Babylon Bewear launched its unique glass cleaner in July 2014 and has dreams of becoming a go-to bong cleaning product.

The idea sparked between two people who brew beer with a group of friends.  They frequently struggled to clean the carboys they used for in-home fermentation of their beer.  The best solution to their problem was to design a magnet that would fit and stick inside of the carboy with a fabric that would scrub off any residue that is left behind.  Two entrepreneurs joined together to create the genius handmade bong cleaner that is anticipated to take the cannabis community by storm!

Babylon Bewear intends to server herbalists with glass that are 18 years old or over.  Based out of Sonoma, California, these business partners take great pride in their products and intend on selling many other items under the Babylon Bewear name in the future.  Check out their Instagram @quickcleanbong and get your magnetic glass cleaners today!