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For our strain hunters, Budfolio is the perfect platform for you to keep a portfolio of the many strains of marijuana that you come across.  This genius app was created in San Francisco, California by a MMJ patient who became fascinated visiting different dispensaries and coming across various marijuana strains.  Cannabis lovers who explore strains would enjoy using this free app!

Budfolio intends to be a major social media platform for the cannabis community.  The app allows users 18 and older to create a profile in which you can store pictures and facts about any strain of marijuana that you happen to come across.  The accuracy on this app is insane!  You can simply search through the many strain names and instantly, facts about that strain will pop up with it.  Budfolio allows you to describe the species, smell, taste, strength, experience and THC content.  You can even add your own personal rating from one to five stars.  

The app also allows you to connect with other strain hunters like yourself.  You can rate, comment and like other buds on your friends Budfolio.  Show off your buds to other marijuana lovers in the cannabis community and discover strains that you never knew existed!  As time passes, you might forget that you had some fire.  Keep track of your weed in your Budfolio and remember how each strain made you feel.  Add comments to make each bud unforgettable.

An essential for every herbalist is the Budfolio app.  Download it today and never forget a strain you've smoked ever again!