BudSuds Chakra Bath Bombs


Our one and only personal favorite #SoapDealer has expanded their brand, BudSuds, over the past year. The Higher Content is honored to say we have introduced the cannabis community to this miraculous brand of soaps that are made with natural essential oils, including hemp oil, which work wonders on your skin and leave you with a silky smooth feeling after you step out of the shower.  BudSuds has now introduced a special line of chakra bath bombs, excellent for relaxing in a warm bath.

Just like their soaps, BudSuds Chakra Bath Bombs are handmade with all natural ingredients.  Each bath bomb is made with a different chakra which targets different energy points in the body.  When you drop a bomb in your bath tub, not only will you be soaking in soothing water, you will also be channeling positive energy while you bathe.  BudSuds uses both essential oils and CBD oils in their bombs.  After the bomb dissolves, a chakra stone sits in your bath water, soaking positive vibrations into your skin.  

There is a different bath bomb for each of the seven chakra stones.  The color of each bomb is symbolic of the chakra stone inside, each with a different focus for positivity.  Some of BudSuds Chakra Bath Bombs help with mental clarity and emotional stability.  The Saturn bath bomb includes the Red Jasper chakra, which alleviates stress and helps reconnect with Earth’s grounding energies.  The Mars blend will help balance both female and male energies, helping to maintain healthy emotional needs.  The Sun bomb is includes citrine stones inside that will help to balance & align mental clarity and personal power.  The Green Aventurine stone sits inside of the Earth bath bomb, open your heart to divine love and balance a healthy view of our world.  The Crown bath bomb will have you in complete harmony with your higher consciousness with an aromatic floral blend of Lavender, Rose and Amethyst.  The amazing Neptune bomb is made with Eucalyptus, which will help clear your throat and to breath easier while the Aquamarine stone assists in releasing any negative energy and helps with communication and inspiration. This bomb is recommended for relieving any inflammation or tension.

Don't fall into the trap of buying bath bombs from other companies that use unhealthy ingredients to your hygiene regiment.  BudSuds are made by a licensed skin therapist and are the original handcrafted skin care product line.  This brand of canna-products stays true to the naturalness of the cannabis plant and refrains from adding any unhealthy ingredients in their products.  Any purchase you make from BudSuds will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.  Make sure you try these new chakra bath bombs when you buy your next batch of BudSuds soap