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Dabz PV



If you're looking for an on-the-go vaporizer, Dabz PV (personal vapes) come in a perfect, pocket sized travel kit to keep your pen and concentrates discrete.  In 2013, this family partnership began selling their vape kits out of Brentwood, California to the 710 community.  

The Dabz PV kits are set apart from any other vaporizer brand because each of their pens have grade A titanium coils.  They also sell custom glass attachments to allow your vape pen to hit like rig and also give your vaporizer pen a unique look.  Each of their products are carefully designed and tested before they are sold.  The Dabz PV mission is to convince people quit smoking cigarettes and blunts.  Switch to vaporizers!

Dabz PV  also sell glass rigs and bongs and water pipe attachments and hookah pens with various flavors to appeal to every herbalist.  They constantly keep their eyes open for trends in the cannabis and 710 communities to continue brining herbalists new and innovative products to make smoking easy, discrete and convenient.

Get your Dabz PV travel kit and never leave the house without your smoking essentials again!  There's nothing better than having everything you need conveniently in your pocket.  Dabz PV should be your next vape pen of choice!