Dank Stix


You smoke weed, you've probably tried or want to try edibles, but have you tried any other hemp infused products?  Make Dank Stix next on your list of cannabis products to try.  The idea for this medicated lip balm came from the inspiration of friends, @BudSuds, who began making soaps for the cannabis community.  Dank Stix is run by an entereprenuer who came up with the brilliant idea to create an all natural cannabis infused lip balm. 


Not only does Dank Stix medicated lip balm leave your lips feeling soft and smooth, it also has multiple uses.  Dank Stix are unique because they can also be used for bug bites, minor cuts, eczema and dry nuckles.  They also offer a vegan balm and many differen scents.  We fell in love with their brown sugar lip balm - it smells amazing with a hint smell of hemp and moisturizes dry or cracked lips. 

Based out of Massachusetts, Dank Stix are made chemical-free for everyone, not just herbalists.  Hemp is a healing element and these multi-use lip balms prove it! 

Check out Dank Stix and get your medicated lip balm in each of their four scents today!   And be on the look out for their new products, a lip and facial scrub as well as a spray that treats body aches.