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Dank Tips


A joint doesn't burn as smooth without a filter; and the best smoke comes with a glass tip.  Dank Tips sell high quality glass joint/blunt filters that improve the taste of your herb, while also providing optimal airflow and support to make every roll a masterpiece. The experienced glass blower from California decided to launch his company after being exposed to a competitors glass tip at a Willie Nelson concert.  Since then, Dank Tips has distributed top notch glass filters a reasonable price for all herbalists to indulge in.

Dank Tips began as a solely run company but with the high demand has expanded, with a few more employees and multiple reps across the country.  Anyone who enjoys smoking the best of the best will find good use out of a Dank Tip in their blunt or joint.  What separates Dank Tips from their competitors is that they distribute their glass tips in cases of ten.  In most cases, you can end up spending anywhere from $10-30 per tip - Dank Tips sells their cases for $12.99!


Dank Tips are distinct from any other glass tip on the market.  Apart from their price, Dank Tips are made from quality and more expensive quartz glass; a stronger and higher quality glass as compared to the borosilicate used by their competitors.  Another unique feature about Dank Tips is their cleaning method.  The durability of quartz glass makes it capable to be cleaned in a half cup of water, placed in the microwave for approximately one minute as compared to using alcohol or salt.  Dank Tips glass filters can also fit in a standard sized joint roller!

Only the best quality glass is used to create these affordable filters.  Dank Tips are a great investment that can be found in smoke shops and dispensaries nationwide, on Amazon or their website. Get your Dank Tip pac today!