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Have you tried numerous vape pens, only to be dissatisfied when the product starts not functioning properly?  Have no fear with Dr. Dabber - they have taken every aspect of vape pens into consideration to produce a quality smoking apparatus that they are proud to sell to the concentrate community.  With so many options to choose from when buying a vape pen, Dr. Dabber stands out by being high class yet keeping a low profile.

Dr. Dabber does not spend time designing colorful and flashy vape pens because their focus is on the quality and effectiveness of their pen.  The Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen is unique in that it doesn't heat up as fast and as much as other pens.  Don't be discouraged though; the lower temperature allows you to taste your concentrates rather than the materials used to make the pen.  To add to its uniqueness, Dr. Dabber offers cool accessories for their pens.  Turn your vape pen into a portable rig with the Ghost Pen's fully functional water recycler and percolator!

While some vape pens may be considered veterans in the concentrate community, Dr. Dabber is fairly new but plans on dominating the industry by providing a quality product to their customers and building a relationship with them as well.  Shall you ever have any technical difficulties with your Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen, you will be given excellent customer service and guaranteed satisfaction with your purchase.  Dr. Dabber believes, "It's not about making money on 'replacement parts,' it's about making products that work they way customers expect them to."

Whether medical or recreational, Dr. Dabber is the perfect fit for any herbalist.  If you're looking for a healthy alternative to smoking out of papers or using butane lighters, get yourself a Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen today!