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Dr. Jay's Rolling Trays



Everyone has their preferred rolling surface, make yours Dr. Jay's Rolling Trays.  Your tray will never be identical to another because no tray has the same wood grain or color.  Keep all of your rolling necessities handy on your Dr. Jay's Rolling Tray.

The company is based out of British Colombia, Canada and designs each tray to be tailored to all herbalists of legal age.  The partners of Dr. Jay's began designing rolling trays and gave them to friends as gifts.  Their gifts soon became product orders, gaining customers after their gift recipients showed friends and family.  In 2013, Dr. Jay's Rolling Trays began distributing their products directly to potential customers and soon after, they began selling their products online.  Each tray is handmade and soon will be a household name in the cannabis community.


Each size tray is made with adequate space for all of your smoking materials.  The trays fit perfectly in your lap, making it comfortable and easy to roll up.  Dr. Jay's Rolling Trays storage box allows you to hold your ganja, scissors, pokers and lighters safely and securely.  Store ashtrays or grinders in the round compartments and roll your weed in the large rolling area.  These trays are perfectly designed to fit the needs of every herbalists.  We especially love Dr. Jay's for their originality; creating a wooden rolling tray that is unlike any other tray they produce.

Dr. Jay's Rolling Trays cannot be found in retail stores or headshops, yet!  They do, however, expect to be well known among herbalists and a go to choice when it comes to decided the perfect rolling surface for your herbal needs.  Their goal is to add creativity and pleasure into the rolling experience. 

Don't buy another rolling tray that everyone else has!  Dr. Jay's Rolling Trays' popularity will grow, but your tray will never be the same as another.  Maintain your uniqueness as an herbalist and purchase yourself a tray from Dr. Jay today!