Evoke - World's First Smart Vape



Are you tired of buying countless vape pens, only to find that they don't heat properly, break easily or fail to get you medicated?  The genius' at Loto Labs have designed the most innovative vaporizer that is powered by induction which essentially produces a cleaner, more tasty vapor.  The idea was triggered after founder, Neeraj Bhardwaj became a new father and wanted to quit smoking cigarettes.  As many others do, Bhardwaj moved to vaping but found that the existing products were disposable and cheaply-made with heating elements which caused burning, instead of creating a pure vapor.  It was then that he decided to invent the "Tesla" of vaporizers.


Loto Labs is named after the beautiful Lotus flower which is commonly associated with purity and beauty in the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism.  In May 2014, the company launched an IndieGoGo campaign which successfully raised enough money to fund their research and build their first prototype.  Within just seven months of creating their first prototype, Loto Labs is now taking pre-orders for the world's first smart vape powered by induction, the Evoke.  Based out of California, Loto Labs carefully produces each of their products with patent pending pieces ensured to withstand your smoking habits.  

When using an Evoke vaporizer 

The Evoke vaporizer was designed for those 21 and older who are no longer satisfied with the vape pens on the market.  This vaporizer is a beautiful, pure, healthy and sophisticated apparatus that should be proudly displayed instead of tucked away in a pocket or discreetly hidden in small spaces.  This fashionable device uses a magnetic field to create vapors from your concentrates or dry herb instead of burning them.


Loto Labs has begun pre-sales of their one of a kind vaporizer. When released, the Evoke will be sold for $450 and is a valuable purchase for any habitual herbalist.  Loto Labs is active on multiple social media outlets including Instagram and Twitter.  The Higher Content was fortunate enough to try the Evoke vaporizer at the Denver HighTimes Cannabis Cup this past April and can personally say that it delivers a smooth, clean hit with a pleasant taste while exhaling.  

If you're looking to impress your herbalist friends with the newest innovative smoking apparatus in the cannabis industry, the Evoke is the product of choice.  Check out the Loto Labs website and have your Evoke vaporizer created today!