Excape Vapes


With so many options out there, how will you decide which vape pen fits you best?  Excape Vapes were created after the owners of the the company, Fla Connection, sold other vape pens for many years.  After seeing and hearing feedback from customers, they decided to design their version of a vape pen that fits the everyday oil users needs.

In 2013, the Fla Connection opened for business selling their award winning E-pen for concentrates.  Their vape pens are made of quality 650 mah lithium ion batteries with 5 click on/off operation and E-tank system.  The average vape pen button lights up as you hit it whereas the Excape Vape lights up green at the bottom.  The ceramic e-tankic heating chamber has a wickless coil with a funnel design that allows concentrates to heat and burn easily.  It can be carried safely in your pocket or the carrying case accompanied with it because the viewing chamber is not glass like other pens.  

The Excape Vape pen remains discreet by only showing the vapor that is produced and not that product being smoked.  It's also sanitary because it comes with a screw on and off cap to cover the mouthpiece for when it is not being used.  You also receive a spare coil system, a tool for loading your sticky oils, a dabtainer to store oils, and a wireless charger all tucked in a nice sunglasses style travel case with your purchase.

Fla Connection aims to have their vape pens in every smoke shop across the United States.  Their dope product and excellent customer service makes them perfect vendors for the 710 community.  Each of their products are designed and produced with the approval of the owner of the company who also guarantees the best customer service during and after your purchase.