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Eyce Mold



In April 2014, an innovative frozen water pipe entered the cannabis industry and has since changed the game for herbalists.  If you enjoy smoking out of glass, we're pretty sure you've have a piece or two (or many!) crack, chip, break or completely shatter.  As a frequent smoker, supporting your habit starts to become a major expense; buying flowers, concentrates, glass, papers, lighters, etc. just to get medicated.  Eyce Molds have given herbalists everywhere a sense a of relief when they released their frozen accessory kit to create your own bong!

Two brothers designed and created their product, running their business out of Denver, Colorado.  They are the first in the cannabis industry to "embrace the power of ice" by forming the idea of freezing water into the shape of a bong.  Not only does smoking through ice give you a different, "cooler" sensational high, but Eyce Molds gives you the freedom to be creative when making your bong every time.  Show off to your friends each time you smoke with a different color water pipe by mixing food coloring or glitter in the water before you freeze it.  Eyce Mold users have been spotted freezing fruits in their unique water pipes.

If you accidentally don't place your Eyce Mold back in the freezer, if it begins to melt or worse comes to worse, you drop it, the world isn't over!  You won't find yourself digging in your pockets for $89.99 to buy another Eyce Mold.  Simply start the process over and freeze water in your Eyce Mold again.  After a few hours, you will have another frozen bong as if your previous one was never damaged.

This has to be one of the most financially savvy products in the cannabis industry to date.  Herbalists tend to spend a nice piece of change on their medication alone and their paraphernalia usually ends up lost or damaged.  There should be more products like Eyce Mold on the market that will allow you to feel good about your purchase and never have to make that same purchase again, unless by choice.  

We know what you're thinking, if you're smoking out of ice, won't it be cold to hold or put your mouth on?  Kind of.  While smoking your Eyce Mold, place it on a flat surface with a cloth or something to soak up the dripping water and to avoid touching the neck of your water pipe and freezing your hand simultaneously.  Eyce Mold also sells ninja suits, which cover the neck of your bong so you can hold it while you smoke.  The Eyce Mold kit comes with a mouth piece so that your mouth isn't resting directly on ice as you smoke however, it does have a tendency to get cold as well.  We recommend that you don't use Eyce Molds in the coldest of conditions because it won't make you feel any warmer.  Also, do not use Eyce Molds in humid or extremely hot conditions because it is made of ice therefore, it can and will melt!  It's best to use your Eyce Mold where it is room temperature to avoid feeling rushed or paranoid.

It's up to you to evaluate the condition of your Eyce Mold.  If it's starting to melt or you're ready for a new design, break it and start over again!  We have completely fallen in love with the Eyce Mold and see ourselves using it frequently.  Every herbalist who enjoys smoking out of glass needs to try the Eyce Mold.  Get yours today and never be without a water pipe again!