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Any herbalist knows the trouble of their joint clogging with resin if not rolled with a filter.  An English ganjaprenuer decided to use his knowledge of clay and ivory to create a much needed smoking accessory for herbalists around the globe.  The London based company distributes ceramic, economically friendly filters to enhance your smoking experience by ridding you of the horrible cardboard taste from your average filter.

Filter-It Ltd. has patents in both the U.S. and U.K., with a large client base ranging from male and female herbalists of ages 18 and older.  Since 2012, Filter-It filters have been making a killing in the cannabis industry, completely selling out at every event they attended such as Spannabis 2012.  Each of their filters are lab tested in Croatia, but ultimately, the company is ran solo by the designer and creator.  

The purpose of a Filter-It is to provide a fresher, cleaner smoke for all herbalists.  In America, a Filter-It filter will cost around $10.  If you are looking for a different alternative to either using a make-shift cardboard filter, or none at all, you MUST try these ceramic filters!  Although they are rather long, even for king size rolling papers, they sure do beat the hassle of creating a new filter each time you roll.  They are also quite heavy as compared to your average filter, however, it does not affect the quality of your smoke.  Filter-It filters also come in different colors and some with little designs as well. 

For herbalists who enjoy collecting smoking apparatus', Filter-It Ltd is one we recommend.