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Frost Pipe



The Frost Pipe is considered to be a magical and unique product that allows you to create your own frozen water pipe.  Two entrepreneurs decided to start the "Frost Revolution" by giving herbalists the opportunity to make, break and recreate water pipes over and over again!  The genius concept was introduced to the cannabis community in October 2014, giving herbalists a frozen alternative way to smoke.

The Frost Pipe comes with plastic materials that must be assembled and placed in the freezer until completely frozen.  By placing the stopper in the pipe container and filling it with water, you now have the frame holding for a frozen water pipe.  Wait until it's completely frozen, run some hot water through the hole and over the edges and your water pipe should slide right out!  You not have a smoking apparatus.

Frost Pipe starting to melt?  Or worse, if you drop your Frost Pipe, no worries!  As long as you have the Frost Pipe supplies, you will always be able to make a new one!  Add food coloring, fruits, glitter or other decorative features to the water before melting and your Frost Pipe will come out looking stylish every time!  The Frost Pipe allows herbalists to create their own designs of water pipes much easier and cheaper than creating a glass smoking pipe.  Although this pipe is not designed to last, it's a great temporary eye candy if you decide to put your creativity to use.  It's also a money saver when it comes to blunt wraps, papers, glass and handheld smoking devices.  For $25, you will never be without smoking paraphernalia.  

As long as you have water, you have a water pipe with the Frost Pipe.  If you've smoked in almost every other way possible except through ice, the Frost Pipe is definitely worth a try.  Not only is it price savvy but it's a cool, different way to smoke.  Check out the Frost Pipe and get yours today!