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Gold Leaf Inc.



If you are of Caribbean decent, then you are no stranger to grabba. Some may call it fronto, grabba, fonto or just plain tobacco leaf - Gold Leaf Inc. is the first company to bring the Caribbean tradition of fronto leaf to the cannabis market. After three years of searching for the perfect leaf, the company finally found their source in the Dominican Republic and opened for business just last year. 

Fronto leaf is commonly used in the Caribbean islands to "spice up" the cannabis being rolled up and smoked. This additive increases the intensity of the high while adding a little extra taste to your cannabis. Gold Leaf Inc. has patented their product of silver and gold packaged leaves and have become the first company to distribute tobacco leaves with no bi-products, glues or messy tobacco fillers. 

The five ganjapreneurs have offices in both New York and Los Angeles dedicated to supplying herbalists looking for tha extra "kick" with a smooth smoking and tasting leaf. Each Gold Leaf Fonta package is affordable at the price of $1 and comes with enough leaf to roll up to three spliffs. The gold packages contain lighter grabba leaves, which will result in a very faint taste. The darker leaves are found in the silver packaging which has a harsher taste and harder hit. 

While the company sells both light and dark leaves, we have found that neither of these leaves compare to those of the Caribbean islands. As frequent grabba smokers, we found that rolling our marijuana in a Gold Leaf Inc. fonto leaf had a distinctly different taste than the leaf we are used to as well as not providing as much of an extra kick to our spliffs. We would recommend these leaves to those who are not looking to "spice up" their joint too much. We feel these leaves could almost be comparable to Backwoods. 

If you're looking to try a new way of smoking, roll up your cannabis in an all natural fronto leaf from Gold Leaf Inc. The lightest, smoothest and first grabba to be introduced to cannabis industry.