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Do you ever get tired of the step by step process of rolling a joint? For those who are on the go, in a rush, or even a little lazy, the GrindaRolla is a the perfect device to roll your joints faster than ever! Their product is considered to be a revolutionary all-in-one rolling system gives their product a "WOW" that no other rolling device has. 

The GrindaRolla may be a little bulky for your pocket yet small enough to fit in a smokers kit. Herby's Twist is a small company based in Toronto, Canada that has been in the grinder industry since 2002 and released a series of products since then. The GrindaRolla was created after the GrindaBall, the first magnetic grinder ball. Herby'a Twist also makes the Ninja Grinder tool which is used for cleaning grinders.  

The GrindaRolla is unique in that it can roll one to six joints at a time. The device is made of polycarbonate plastic and holds regular size cones (not king size). Reasonably priced at $19.95, both men and women ages 18 and up will find the GrindaRolla useful. The GrindaRolla can be purchased on the KannaKart website or in stores around the world.

The product did not come with instructions but an instructional video can be found on the Herby's Twist website. The product packaging explains each part of the multifunctional device. Once you learn exactly how to use the device, the GrindaRolla is well functioning device that gets the job done quickly and easily. We expect to be able to use our GrindaRolla for a long time. 

If you're looking for a fast way to roll your joints; something you can take with you conveniently everywhere you go, consider the GrindaRolla. The affordable all-in-one grinder/roller is the best way to roll perfect joints in seconds flat.