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Hemper Co.


Subscription boxes have been a hit in every market, including the marijuana industry.  Herbalists have taken a huge liking cannabis subscription boxes like Hemper Co. because of the wide variety of marijuana related products that arrive at your door step every month.  Hemper Co. is hands down the best subscription box for herbalists to consider signing up for. 

Ran out of papers?  Want to try a new hemp wick?  Need a new glass piece for your collection?  No problem!  Hemper boxes are always filled with new, innovative and unique products for herbalists to use with their cannabis use.  Unlike other subscription boxes that are on the market, Hemper Co. takes pride in filling their monthly boxes with products you will actually use.  There are no "non-sense" products included in a Hemper Box - each box includes a random selection of brand name smoking necessities.  Chances are if you don't find use for a product in your Hemper box, you will have an herbalist in mind that would find great use with it.

The Long Island, New York based company prides itself on providing subscription box of the highest quality at an affordable price.  The small business has been operating since 2015, offering four different subscription options: Glassentials Box, Hemper Box, Hemper Pack and the Bare Essentials Pack.  Hemper Co. also works with celebrities and influencers in the industry who .love the Hemper selection as much as you will.

Other subscription boxes might include a glass piece, usually a bowl or dabber (something small).  But Hemper will never disappoint by sending a different color bowl every month.  Hemper boxes are known to include glass pieces such as mini rigs and even the appropriate banger to go along with it.  You can also find items such as grinders, filter/tips, silicone cases, joint rollers and more!

If you're tired of having to go out to get your smoking necessities, get all of your needs shipped straight to your door with Hemper Co.  You'll never be disappointed with your subscription selection and the products you receive each month with Hemper Co.  Subscribe and get yours today!