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California based cannabis clothing company, HomeGrown Outfitters, has been dominating the marijuana apparel industry since 2004. HG Outfitters is one of the original cannabis apparel companies to enter the marijuana industry. Twelve years ago, there weren't many clothing options for herbalists and thus, the owner of the well known brand decided to indulge in the life of a ganjaprenuer. Combining his passion for cannabis and fashion with three partners, the San Francisco based company was born. 

HomeGrown Outfitters is unlike any other clothing company in that each order is made custom. Their apparel is not created in bulk; instead, production starts after each order. All of HG Outfitters designs are original and designed within the company. They recognize that marijuana apparel is a very saturated market therefore, they are very creative when designing graphics for their t-shirts, hats and fleeces. 

In addition to apparel, HG Outfitters also carries accessories such as lighters, grinders and stickers (slaps). Herbalists from the ages of 18-50 years old have been spotted rocking HG Outfitters. 

HG Outfitters has a strong presence on Instagram, where they debut many of their new releases. They can also be found on Facebook, Mass Roots and Twitter. Purchases can made on their website or at select retailers around the world. 

Affordable, stylish and comfortable: HG Outfitters provides nothing but the best, most unique apparel on the market. Sesh in style in HomeGrown Outfitters.