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HighBorn Supply Co.



Introducing the new online dabber supply store for all of your 710 needs!  HighBorn Supply Co. launched recently in June 2014 and has been rising since day one, providing quality dabbing essentials for the concentrate community.  From hand blown glass pieces, dabbing tools and both male and female clothing, the idea for this San Diego based online shop was thought of while a husband and wife were driving down California Coast Highway and has been growing ever since.

The team hand selects each glass piece from the blower to sell to their customers who appreciate quality glass.  HighBorn supplies affordable and pricey glass pieces for herbalists and avid collectors.  They also design comfortable clothing for men and women who rep the 710 lifestyle.  The concentrate connoisseurs  have dreams of opening their own storefront in the future, selling their own custom glass pieces and apparel.  As medical marijuana patients and frequent dabbers, they love the idea of being able to provide all dabbing essential needs.  HighBorn Supply differs from other headshops because their inventory is geared towards dabber demands.

HighBorn only sells pieces and apparel that meet their approval.  Each item is hand picked or designed by their team to provide their customers with the best products that represent the 710 lifestyle.  You can't go wrong with a HighBorn Supply Co. purchase!  Be on the look out for this rising 710 brand.  HighBorn supplies dabbers with the ultimate concentrate selection or products and apparel.