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Hit Stands



Blue Barn Works has invented a creative and convenient product concept for your glass.  Hit Stands, released in 2013, are functional stands for glass pipes that protect both your glass and furniture.  Rid yourself of the discomfort you may feel leaving your glass on a hard surface.  Hit Stands create a worry-free feeling when using your beautiful hand blown glass pipes.

Based out of Connecticut, Blue Barn Works' mission is to provide 100% eco-friendly silicone products to the cannabis community.  Their products are easily accessibly and come in a variety of colors for each herbalists liking.  The family partnership understands that those who purchase glass take time to consider which glass is best for them.  They also recognize the amount of money invested in glass pieces; that's why their products are designed to ensure the protection of your handmade pieces.  

Glass bowls of any size sit perfectly in every Hit Stand.  Prepare your ingredients to be smoked in your glass while in safely waits in your colorful Hit Stand.  Free yourself of the fear that your glass will roll over or fall off of the surface it's placed on.  Hit Stands are easily assembled and will not rip, tip over or come apart.  This is a handy herbalist essential indeed!

Be on the look out for more 100% eco-friendly silicone products from Blue Barn Works!  As the cannabis community continues to grow and prosper, the company plans to bring more products to herbalists to maintain ease and comfortability while smoking.  If you frequently use handmade glass bowls, pick a color and get yourself a Hit Stand today!